Preparations comedians make when traveling

The comedians before they travel they will always be anxious because with every travel they want to give the audience something new every time. That’s why there are some of the preparations they have to make in advance so that the trip will go as planned. It does not matter if the travel is just for few days or it’s supposed to last a year the travel will always make them anxious. Though no need to worry if it’s your first travel as a comedian because this post is here to help you out. Comedians like steve o stand up have transversed several places. Continue reading to understand some of the preparations that comedians make when traveling.

Plan the trip


No matter the means of transport you need to prepare for the trip. If you are going to use the road, then before the day ensure that you have a map and estimate the time you are going to spend on the road, so you will be able to set the departure time. If you are using the road make sure that you know in advance the condition of the road that you intend to use. If you are not using the road, then ensure that you have the tickets for the plane, train, or bus that you are going to use.


The important part will be the parking for a comedian they have to be well prepared with the jokes so ensure that it will not be forgotten. If you are allergic to anything ensure that you park the medicine that you use. Also, ensure that you park some painkiller and the emergency kit in case any small accident was to happen. If you are going to a location that you didn’t have a good experience with their food, then you should also make plans for carrying the parked food staffs that will not expire that quickly.

Appropriate clothes


One thing that you should not forget as a comedian is what you are going to wear on the day of show. So ensure that the attire is ready before the day of the show. If you have plans of buying something where you will be performing ensure that you reach a day before the big day so that you can have enough time to shop. Also, when packing the clothes make sure that you have the right clothes for the climate condition that is in the place that you are traveling too.



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